About Us/History

The move of the Holy Spirit is timeless. Hovering at creation (Genesis 1:2) and with the Bride saying “Come!” at the consummation (Revelation 22:17), there is no beginning and no ending to the person and work of the Spirit of God. Movements, on the other hand, begin and end, wax and wane. Over a century ago, the Pentecostal movement began, and a half century ago, the Charismatic Movement began. Touching millions, the global church has been refreshed and empowered in manifold ways by the Spirit.

In 1972, a pioneering group of Lutherans who had experienced what the Gospels and the Book of Acts call the baptism of the Holy Spirit, organized, prayed, communicated, sacrificed, and caught the Wind in their sails. They formed a ministry that would become known as Lutheran Renewal, and in August 1972 they threw a party in the old Minneapolis Auditorium. The Spirit moved! For the next forty two years, there were annual national conferences, regular local conferences, international consultations and missions, parish renewal events, many articles and books, correspondence, counsel, and the births of a network, a seminary, and accordant ministries.

The ministry of Lutheran Renewal was established to encourage spiritual renewal in the Lutheran Church and beyond. It was for all members of the Body of Christ, not only for Lutherans. Research showed that over 165 different faith communities had been represented at the annual Holy Spirit Conferences.

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