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February/March 2014 Newsletter
includes…Everyday Encounters by Mike Bradley


December 2013 Newsletter
includes…Does God Have Favorites? by Paul Anderson

September/October 2013 Newsletter
includes…Jesus Christ: Treasure Hunter by Graham Cooke

July/August 2013 Newsletter
includes…Lutheran Renewal is Expanding by Nathan Hoff

May/June 2013 Newsletter
includes…The Path of Life – Biblical Discipleship Requires a Life of Sacrifice by Rick Joyner

March/April 2013 Newsletter
includes…Always a Follower First by Leonard Sweet

January/February 2013 Newsletter
includes…2013: A Year of Promise by Denise Siemens


December 2012 Newsletter
includes…The Real Mary by Scot McKnight

November 2012 Newsletter
includes…The Process of Transition by Graham Cooke
Plus…A Special Announcement from Paul Anderson

September/October 2012 Newsletter
includes…The Difference Between Power & Authority by John Paul Jackson

July/August 2012 Newsletter
includes…Are We Really Dead to Sin? by Paul Anderson

May/June 2012 Newsletter
includes…Engaging in Servant Warfare by Steve Sjogren

March/April 2012 Newsletter
includes…Elder Brotheres Need Grace, Too! by Paul Anderson


December 2011 Newsletter
includes…The Mystery of the Incarnation by Paul Anderson

November 2011 Newsletter
includes…Growing in the Gift of Prophecy: Wisdom and Warnings by Steve Thompson

September / October 2011 Newsletter
includes…Revival, Fruit-Bearing and Fresh Impartation of Power by Randy Clark

July / August 2011 Newsletter
includes…Alone in a Crowd by Rev. Robert Walter

May / June 2011 Newsletter
includes…Mercy Triumphs over Judgment by Francis Frangipane

March / April 2011 Newsletter
includes…Rewired by Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda

January / February 2011 Newsletter
includes…Six Things the Spirit Can Do For Us by Paul Anderson


December 2010 Newsletter
includes…The “with us” God by Paul Anderson

November 2010 Newsletter
includes…Upgrading Our Image of God by Graham Cooke

September / October 2010 Newsletter
includes…Highlights from the Holy Spirit Conference

July / August 2010 Newsletter
includes…Prepared for the Times by Rick Joyner

June 2010 Newsletter
includes…When God is Mostly Silent by Dan Siemens

May 2010 Newsletter
includes…Power Behind the Psychics by Cindy Jacobs
Plus…After the Bridge Collapses: Lessons Learned About Rebuilding by Paul Anderson

March 2010 Newsletter
includes…Am I Qualified to Judge? by Paul Anderson

February 2010 Newsletter
includes…My Pain, Your Pain by Dan Siemens

January 2010 Newsletter
includes…When we pray, “Your Kingdom come”, we are praying Heaven down to earth. by Drs. Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda


December 2009 Newsletter
includes…Saint Rahab by Paul Anderson

November 2009 Newsletter
includes…Reflections on Impartation by Francis MacNutt

October 2009 Newsletter
includes…Look at the Birds by Dan Siemens

August/September 2009 Newsletter
includes…2009 Holy Spirit Conference photos and excerpts

July 2009 Newsletter
includes…The Secret of a Prevailing Church by Larry Christenson

May/June 2009 Newsletter
includes…The Perfect Storm by John Paul Jackson

April 2009 Newsletter / Bulletin
includes…Excuse Me! by Paul Anderson

March 2009 Newsletter
includes…Understanding Hiddenness and Manifestation by Graham Cooke

February 2009 Newsletter
includes…“There’s a Reason for Everything” by Paul Anderson


December 2008 Newsletter
includes…When a Dream Turns Into a Nightmare by Paul Anderson

November 2008 Newsletter
includes…Is Heaven What You Think it Is? by Paul Anderson

October 2008 Newsletter
includes…Should We Pray for Revival? by Paul Anderson

September 2008 Newsletter
includes…Giving Oversight to a Move of God by Paul Anderson

July / August 2008 Newsletter
includes…Stop Thinking About Yourself by Paul Anderson

June 2008 Newsletter
includes…The Storm Warrior’s Mission by Mahesh Chavda

May 2008 Newsletter
includes…Under the Surface by Dan Siemens

April 2008 Newsletter
includes…The Kind of People Who Hear God’s Voice by Jack Deere

March 2008 Newsletter
includes…Behaving the Word by Paul Anderson

February 2008 Newsletter
includes…How To Get Good and Angry by Paul Anderson

January 2008 Newsletter
includes…Divine Revelation Within Our Spirits by Dr. Mark Virkler


December 2007 Newsletter
includes…Behold, a Host! by Paul Anderson

November 2007 Newsletter
includes…Soul Shift by Larry Randolph

October 2007 Newsletter
includes…Garbage Makes Good Compost! by Paul Anderson

September 2007 Newsletter
includes…The Tongues Movement Gone Wild! by Paul Anderson

July 2007 Newsletter
includes…Stop Complaining by Paul Anderson

June 2007 Newsletter
includes…Marriage: A Real Killer by Paul Anderson

May 2007 Newsletter
includes…Pharisees Yesterday & Today by RT Kendall

April 2007 Newsletter
includes…Are You Good at Saying, “I’m Sorry”? by Paul Anderson

March 2007 Newsletter
includes…Significance Shift by Larry Randolph

February 2007 Newsletter
includes…Fervent Prayer by Steve Hill

January 2007 Newsletter
includes…Stop Sinning! by Paul Anderson


December 2006 Newsletter
includes…Disappointed with God? by Paul Anderson

November 2006 Newsletter
includes…Not Community, Communitas! by Rev. Michael Frost

October 2006 Newsletter
includes…Grace Growers by  Graham Cooke

September 2006 – Newsletter
includes…Processing Prophetic Types by Paul Anderson

July 2006 – Newsletter
includes…Preparing for a Disaster by Paul Anderson

June 2006 – Newsletter
includes…Christianity is an Organic Movement by Bill Easum

May 2006 – Newsletter
includes…A Place Beyond Yes by Guy Chevreau

April 2006 – Newsletter
includes…I Don’t Look Back by Paul Anderson

March 2006 – Newsletter
includes…Church According to Jesus: Chasing the Darkness Away by Neil Cole

February 2006 – Newsletter
includes…Regret – A Killer of Passion by Paul Anderson

January 2006 – Newsletter
includes…Your Appointment Awaits You by Francis Frangipane


December 2005 – Newsletter
includes…Our Down to Earth God by Paul Anderson

November 2005 – Newsletter
includes…Community Churches, Mega-Churches, and House Church Networks by Larry Kreider

October 2005 – Newsletter
includes…Dreams Change Everything by Paul Anderson

September 2005 – Newsletter
includes…Whispering into Their Souls: A Spirituality of Engagement for Not-Yet-Christians by Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch

*PLEASE NOTE: Prior to September 2005, Lutheran Renewal Newsletters and Bulletins were not available in PDF format. Our Archives still go back many years, however you will notice a different appearance to the Newsletters as primarily only the actual text from the stories was saved.


August 2005 – Newsletter
includes…The Spirit Mission by Paul Anderson

July 2005 – Newsletter
includes…Help! My Paradigm Just Changed by Paul Anderson

June 2005 – Newsletter
includes…Locating Renewal on a Different Map by Dan Siemens

May 2005 – Newsletter
includes…Empowered for Missions & Mercy by Wesley Campbell

April 2005 – Newsletter
includes…Becoming Students of Miracles by Bill Johnson

March 2005 – Newsletter
includes…Preparing for Glory by Bob Sorge

February 2005 – Newsletter
includes…The Collapse of the Church Culture by Reggie McNeal

January 2005 –  Newsletter
includes…Making the Most of Failure by Graham Cooke


December 2004 – Bulletin
When the Miracle Happens by Paul Anderson

November 2004 –  Newsletter
includes…Barnabas – A Leader Who Served by Dr. Mark Herringshaw

October 2004 – Bulletin
What About SAME-SEX Marriages? by  Paul Anderson

September 2004 – Bulletin
A New Day at Lutheran Renewal by Paul Anderson

August 2004 – Bulletin
It is Time to Sound the Trumpet! by  Paul Anderson

July 2004 – Bulletin
To Stay or to Leave by  Paul Anderson

June 2004 – Newsletter
includes…The Myth of the Lay Person – Contending for the Liberation of the Church by Paul Anderson and Graeme Sellers

May 2004 – Bulletin
Definitions Matter by Carol Greenwood

April 2004 – Newsletter
includes…How Humility Helps Defuse Adversity by C. Peter Wagner

March 2004 – Bulletin
The Deadly Matrix of Rejection by  John Paul Jackson

February 2004 – Newsletter
includes…Yesterday’s Anointing by Dr. R. T. Kendall

January 2004 – Bulletin
In His Face by Bob Sorge


November 2003 – Newsletter
includes…Nobody Ever Told Me by Jack Deere

September 2003 – Newsletter
includes…The Dream Giver by Paul Anderson

July 2003 – Bulletin
Truth – by Mary Ann Herzan

June 2003 – Newsletter
includes…The Power of Relationships by Charles Simpson

May 2003 – Bulletin
Safe in the Hands of God – by Dan Siemens

May 2003 – Bulletin
God is Speaking – by Kevin Jude McClure 

April 2003 – Newsletter
includes…Gethseminary by Paul Anderson

March 2003 – Bulletin
Don’t Hold On to Your Hurts by R. T. Kendall

February 2003 – Newsletter
includes…The Process of Transition by Graham Cooke

January 2003 – Bulletin
What Comes Out of You? by Eric Bluhm


December 2002 – Bulletin
Past the Pain to the Purpose! by Paul Anderson

November 2002 – Newsletter
includes…The Process of Transition by Graham Cooke

October 2002 – Newsletter
includes…’A Sword for the Lord’ – The 31st Annual Holy Spirit Conference

July 2002 – Bulletin
An Interview with Graham Cooke by Dan Siemens

June 2002 – Newsletter
includes…Beware of the Stronghold of Cold Love by Francis Frangipane

May 2002 – Bulletin
A Word To The Wounded – Reflections From a Big Wounded Toe by Dan Siemens

April  2002 – Newsletter
includes…Battle for the Soul of Man by Rick Joyner

February 2002 – Newsletter
includes…Renewal, Revival, and Reformation by Graham Cooke

January 2002 – Bulletin
Reaching the High Places of the Spirit by Dan Siemens


December 2001  – Bulletin
Saint Rahab? by Paul Anderson

November 2001 – Newsletter
includes…When Love Means War by Dr. Mark Herringshaw
*Very Powerful September 11th (9/11) Message!

September 2001 – Bulletin
Desperate for God  by Rev. David Drum

August 2001 – Bulletin
With God in the Wilderness  by Dan Siemens

July 2001 – Bulletin
Honey, I Shrunk the Devil  by Paul Anderson

June 2001 – Newsletter
includes…An Unsettling Theme by Rev.Larry Christenson

April 2001 – Newsletter
includes…Impartation and Activation of Spiritual Authority by Che’ Ahn

March 2001 – Bulletin
An Institution of Lower Learning by Paul Anderson

February 2001 – Newsletter
includes…Has Your Church Had a Check-up Lately? by Dave Housholder

January 2001 – Bulletin
Counterfeit Holiness by Kevin McClure


November 2000 – Newsletter
includes…If the Ship is Sinking by Paul Anderson

September 2000 – Newsletter
includes…Does Your Church Need A Vision Statement? by Paul Anderson

August 2000 – Bulletin
Releasing the Song of the Lord by Pastor Richard G. Erickson

July 2000 – Bulletin
How is Your Heart? by Dr. Joe Johnson

June 2000 – Newsletter
includes…Shall We Dance? by Paul Anderson

May 2000 – Bulletin
Changing our Paradigms

March 2000 – Bulletin
Counsel to Angry Lutherans by Paul Anderson

February 2000 – Newsletter
includes…’Called to Lead, Called to Change’ Conferences Begin!

January 2000 – Bulletin
Overcoming Presumption by Paul Anderson

January 2000 – Newsletter
includes…Attention Pastors and Leaders!